A recent musical episode of the popular Crimetown podcast was arranged and recorded by Dan Reitz at Dan Reitz Studios.

As described on the Crimetown website: “In 2003, a couple of Brown University alumni did the unthinkable: they wrote and performed a musical about everyone’s favorite criminal mayor. No recordings of the play exist today. So, as a holiday gift to Crimetown listeners, we’ve asked some friends in the musical-theater business to resurrect this forgotten classic.” The episode was released on December 24 2017.

For this project, we updated a few songs from Buddy Cianci… The Musical with new arrangements, and over a dozen musical theater actors, comedians, musicians and voiceover artists came by the studio to bring life to this almost-forgotten show.

Credits: Music and Lyrics by Mike Tarantino and Jonathan Van Gieson. Additional music for the Crimetown recordings by Dan Reitz. Crimetown recordings arranged, recorded, and mixed by Dan Reitz at Dan Reitz Studios. Mastered by someone else. Produced by Nikita Burdein. Full credits on the Crimetown website.

The Episode:

The Soundtrack: