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Leviticus: Chapter 12

Chapter 12: The Miracle of Life Anyone who is pregnant or considering giving birth should consult these Childbirth Reminders!!

Leviticus: Chapter 11

Chapter Eleven: Clean and Unclean animals. If you are like me, you have questions about what you can and can’t eat. Can I eat Ostrich? What about Salmon? Which is the appropriate bug to eat – a grasshopper or a locust? Why? Chapter 11 gives us two sets of information regarding which animals we are allowed […]

Leviticus: Chapter 5

Chapter Five: Fraud, uncleanliness and other minor offenses In chapter four, we learned the basic rule of atonement: You break a commandment, you must atone for it. It usually involves sacrificing a sheep, unless everyone in the community breaks a commandment, in which case you sacrifice a bull.  Kill a man? Sacrifice a sheep. Steal from […]

Leviticus: Chapter 4

Chapter Four: What to do if someone breaks a commandment What do you do when someone breaks a commandment? Sacrifice an animal, of course! But pay attention! According to Leviticus, Chapter Four, the price for breaking a commandment is different depending on who does the commandment breaking.

Leviticus: Chapters 1 – 3

Chapters one through three of Leviticus deal primarily with ritual sacrifice. Have you ever broken a commandment? As it turns out, you can be forgiven for your sin if you sacrifice an animal. No need for prayers or apologies! But how should you go about sacrificing your animal? What if you intend to eat the animal? […]